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Asian-Med Fusion Menu

Asian-Med Fusion Menu

The key word to understand fusion cuisine is "mixture". Mixture of ingredients, techniques and cultures from different parts of the world. Our proposal is the fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

Canapés and drinks service after the ceremony *

Dinner/lunch with wine pairing

Coffee, tea and spirits

Staff for kitchen and dining room service

Open bar for 3 hours

Total duration of the event 7hrs

Price for 90 to 100 pax
Menu price: A choice of 3 dishes with 4 snacks: 148€/ p.p. + 10% VAT
Menu price: A choice of 3 dishes with 7 snacks: 155€/ p.p. + 10% VAT

(between 70 – 89 adults: + 8€ p.p. + 10% VAT)
(between 50 – 69 adults: + 12€ p.p. + 10% VAT)

* Welcome drinks, soft drinks, wines and coffees.